Future Life Progression as a Tool in Strategic Planning


By Graeme Harvey

Whether you are a one man business or a multi-national conglomerate, strategic planning is vital for business development in every shape or form. How many times have you said to yourself “I wish I had known that years ago?” How much better would things be if you knew ten years ago what you know now?

It is now possible to access all the information you need. An amazing weapon at your disposal which can give you so much information about every area of your business or your personal life. Just think for a moment about the advantages you could gain over your competitors, what you would know about your customer demographics, where your markets are, what new products you could be making or supplying. The list is endless.

All this can be done using Future Life Progression under hypnosis. This is no mumbo-jumbo fortune telling but a very highly researched, tried and tested, methodology. No tarot cards or fortune tellers involved. No-one is telling you what the future holds you are being taken there to see for yourself. You are the one that views the information and can bring it back to the present time with you.In many instances the information brought back has allowed the client to accelerate the process and end up achieving the objectives much more quickly.

Well what about the down side of this? There isn’t one. The fact is that if you do not like what you see when you are taken forward say five or ten years then you have the knowledge of how things did not go the way you wanted and you can start making changes now. The future is not written in stone and by making changes now you can create a new future more to your liking.

I recently had a client, a sole trader in the service industry, who wanted to know how the future was going to be if he continued along the course he is on now. Under hypnosis I progressed him firstly to a point 5 years into the future. At this point his business was doing well and he was making a very comfortable living. Unfortunately when we got to ten years into the future he was working as a clerk in a dingy factory, his business having collapsed. The reason for the collapse was that there was no longer a demand for the service he was providing.

Instead of being disappointed and unhappy the message he took from this was that he needed to look at diversifying now. He left the session in a very buoyant mood as he was clear that his concerns had been justified and that he had confirmation of what he needed to do.

Where did FLP (Future Life Progression) come from?

For decades now clinical hypnotherapists have been using Past Life Regression to try and locate the sources of clients behavioural patterns or phobias which cannot be identified as having originated in the clients current lifetime.

While many people do not believe in reincarnation as a practitioner of this treatment I cannot argue against it as I have seen so much evidence to support it. I have dealt with many dozens of clients where we have had to explore a past life to identify the cause of a behaviour or phobia and have been very successful in resolving the issues presented. One of my colleagues was badly abused by her first husband and later in life by doing a PLR she discovered that in a previous life she had in fact been a violent abusive man and the treatment she had received (some people may call it Karma) was a lesson so that she knew what it was like to be abused and therefore any current violent tendencies were now cancelled out.

Further evidence is often brought out by details given in a session which can be verified by records. The information I gave, under Regression, about my WW1 service on the Somme and my subsequent discharge due to ill health was all verified by the Regimental Records. There are many more documented examples given in the many books available on the subject.

About twenty years ago some hypnotherapists began to notice that while trying to regress a client they were in fact going forward in time and not back. This phenomena was studied closely by a few specialists in the UK and the USA and records were kept of what clients claimed to be seeing in the future which turned out to be very accurate. My tutor in this speciality has a well documented record of a session she did with two colleagues. All three of them had different visions, one saw a city skyline and could not work out why it had changed, another saw objects crashing into a building and the third saw oilfields. A few months later all became clear on 9/11.

FLP has been developed rapidly since the early days and has proved beneficial to many people and businesses. It is now being used by a number of Governments, Military Organisations, Research Establishments, Big business as well as many individuals. Recently a Hollywood film producer used FLP in the production of his latest film and claimed that it had saved him more money than all the accountants put together.

I appreciate that there will be a lot of scepticism about the potential use of FLP as most people find it difficult if not impossible to grasp the concept of being able to go into the future. Einstein and now quantum physicists have theorised that time is a linear concept that exists only in human minds. Time is in fact not linear but that is a whole area way beyond my expertise.

The United Kingdom and in particular Scotland has produced most of the greatest entrepreneurs and inventors of the last three centuries. They were not afraid to try all sorts of experiments to achieve the results they wanted. Frequently experiments failed to produce what they were looking for but did reveal other great products. Penicillin is a classic example.

Several years ago I remember seeing a cartoon which contained two pictures. The first was of a King in full armour surrounded by his knights. A servant was pointing back towards his tent. The King was saying something along the lines of “I’m too busy to see salesmen I have a battle to fight” The second picture showed the salesman at the back of the tent standing next to a machine gun.

In October 2012 three seminars on FLP for business leaders in Japan were held in Kyoto and Tokyo. All three were sold out. The Japanese are not known for being backward when it comes to technology.

There are now three licensed FLP Practitioners based in Scotland and many more around the UK. We are all available to deal with any organisation large or small and can use FLP on an individual basis or in a group. Sessions can be held either at our therapy suites or on your premises (provided you have an area in which we cannot be disturbed in any way shape or form for between one and two hours).

For a small outlay you could save thousands or even make millions.

Further information available from Graeme Harvey CHt. MPLTA. Dip.PLT. MPFLS. MIPTI.

Web site www.censcottherapies.vpweb.co.uk
Email cen.scottherapies@hotmail.co.uk
Telephone 0774 8188278
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4 Responses to Future Life Progression as a Tool in Strategic Planning

  1. KarenYvonne says:

    Using hypnosis to make strategic plans for the future is very new to me! It has opened my eyes to the many ways that people try to become successful.. Thanks for sharing your post!

    I will also be sharing this post in my December 3rd Success Carnival on http://karenyvonne.net/!

  2. Janet Olson says:

    Sounds like a fascinating tool that I will be looking into further.

  3. Christine says:

    A good read. Future Life Progression under hypnosis sounds interesting and great. Thanks for sharing all the details I need.

  4. I use Future Life Progression during most of my hypnosis sessions. For example with Hypnotherapy for Fertility I might get my client to imagine themselves in 9 months time holding a newborn baby. Or for a weight loss client I take them a year in the future and get them to imagine what their smaller size. It really helps to reinforce the work done in a session and makes the goals seem achievable.

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